Rose and I spent the morning harvesting potatoes — thirty-seven pounds of them.

Who knew?

Her sister Brinna gave us the seed, very small potatoes left over from her harvest last fall.  We planted Larattes, Rose Finn Apples, Kennebecs, Russets, and  some beautiful rose-colored fingerlings.  We planted them with hope, but really the bounty of the harvest was almost embarrassing. New as I am to growing potatoes, I never imagined the variety of shapes and sizes and colors, and the quantity!  How different they are from the ones we see at Hannaford. Finding them in the earth was a wonderful treasure hunt on this cool September morning.

The harvest was an opportunity to hear again what she has been learning about worms and the soil food web in Farm Science at Two Coves Farm, a class she attends with four other homeschooled children.  We examined several very large earthworms in the bright sunlight, and quietly thanked them for making our soil so fine for growing potatoes. As the schoolbus sped by we waved, and turned and smiled at each other.